Amstadd Virtual Assistants


Efficiency Elevated: Clients Speak Out about Our Virtual Assistant Services

"A great service that makes my life easier and saves a lot of time. Grace is great! She takes care of all my social media things and helps out with my podcasts"
Shaolin monk of Chinese Zen Buddhism
"Amstadd VA Services has helped Spirit Unbounded to spread her wings in so many ways! I love the responsiveness of the VAs we are working with. As a non-profit we are even getting a discount from them. "
Writer, History Podcast Presenter, Former Charity CEO
"Spiritualität 9.0 has multiple Amstadd VAs working for them doing things like finding new guest, creating the episode covers as well as the audio editing. Without Grace and Joe the podcast would certainly not exist! "
Organisational Change Manager, Podcast Host- SPIRITUALTIÄT 9.0