Amstadd Consulting is a future-of-work consultancy committed to changing how the world works—from business as usual to brave new work.

We see the challenge

We’re all wrestling with complexity. Every company, work function, and team now faces a tall order: to be more adaptive, strategic, effective, human, and equitable amidst growing uncertainty.

We’re Ready to Help

How we work is broken, dehumanizing, and held back by bureaucracy. But it can be reinvented in service of human flourishing—even joy. These changes aren’t at the expense of business outcomes. Instead, they’re fuel for even greater ambitions. The Ready helps organizations accelerate that change as fast, far, and wide as possible.


Work from Anywhere

Work from anywhere lets team members choose to work from any location or timezone in the world. Even if an office exists, the whole team communicates using the same remote tools.


Internet native, fully distributed organizations are what the web was designed for. They create greater control and rewards for all participants.

Async Communication

Asynchronous communication (async) happens ‘out of sync’ or not in real-time. With async employees have the flexibility of responding on their own schedule. Async provides a calmer work environment.

“Thanks to the invaluable expertise and support of the team, our organization has experienced remarkable growth and optimization, empowering us to confidently navigate our future with informed decisions and strategies.”

— A. Wong

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