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How is your VA doing? Why not try an AMS one?

We don't hire VAs.
We build High-Performance teams

At AMS we never stop learning, because our clients are always improving.

24 Hrs Access

Amstadd ensures you are never adrift. For 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our famous Amstadd service is just one call away.

Experienced Workers

Trained and highly skilled for your satisfaction.


There's no need to stress out on a fine line between business process, working smart, and subpar efficiency.

Service Quality

We know you've got choices. But unlike others, we don't just promise quality work. We do our best to deliver it .


Spoiler alert: You're about to spend less money.

Connect your Expectation to Expertise.

All of the available VAs have been with AMS for some time and are well-trained and skilled. We employ only the top 10% of job applicants after a thorough selection process.
We have regular performance evaluations, coaching sessions, and career advancement opportunities.
I’d be happy to provide you with one of their contact information so that they can confirm the above and vouch for our extremely high working standards.

We also offer Coaching

Achieving personal goals as a Christian in modern society is not always easy. There are many, often contradictory approaches. It is not always easy to find a clear structure.

If there are topics for you that you would like to talk more about or need help to achieve your goals and don’t want to leave your faith on the street, then please get in touch!

15 years of experience in personal development and occasionally also offers life coaching.

Expand your well-being, be aware of your strengths

Where well-being & personal development are at the forefront.